Bread on a low carb, keto diet? Normally these two cannot even be put in the same sentence, that was before, I welcome you to our delicious selection of low carbohydrate, low gi, high fiber and high protein bread rolls, pita breads ( pizza bases), soft burger and hot dog buns and deliciously filled sweet and savoury swirls as well as fruit and plain scones. 

The great thing about these isn't just that they are incredibly filling, due to their high fiber content, but there is no limit to how you can enjoy them, check our Instagram and Facebook profiles for constant new recipes and serving examples. Enjoy low carb french toast, pizza, kebab, breakfast pockets, sandwiches, toasties, paninis, you name it.

You can finally enjoy everything you have missed, without adding a load of carbs to your diet or raising your blood sugar levels. 

Plus the actual calories that are absorbed by your body is only about 30% of the total calories listed, thanks to resistant starches, inulin and fibers in our products that do not get absorbed by your body.